German language classes in Punjab

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Think Germany provides best German language classes in Amritsar. It is based in Ranjit Avenue Amritsar and was founded with the aim of preparing students to help them getting admission in top public universities of Germany. Think Germany at Amritsar offers intensive German language courses for university prepration . Our teachers are specialised in preparing students for all type of university entrance examinations Telc, Testdaf. Once student pass these respective exams, we will help them to get admission in public universities in Germany also. We prepare our students with 22 lessons every week and that can help you in also for your university entrance qualification. Within almost 36 weeks, we will help you reach the C1 level of German language. We provide additional workshops we prepare our students in depth for German B2 and C1 exams. After successfully finishing German levels, we will help you applying to Studienkolleg in Germany.

German language classes in Punjab

Over the years we have gained very high reputation in whole north Indian region in teaching German language, we also provide high standard translation work. We try our best at every level to focus more on quality and personal attention to every student. Over the years, we have achieved this by excellent German teachers at ranjit avenue campus ,who all are native and habitual speakers of the language they teach. Our fully backed staff will guide you the course according to your requirements. We have privilege to teach German at our center to people from multinational companies like, Daimler, German telekom , Hp etc. We have students from all around India. We would be really delighted and look forward to welcome you in best German language academy in Amritsar, jalandhar, batala and tarn taran . We Know that learning a foreign language like German is daunting task. But, We also know that in future it can become most awarding and productive. Correct decision taken at the right time can truly change one career. We provide special youtube sessions for students who want to learn basic German from Hindi. When we look at map of Europe, you may find there are German speaking countries like Switzerland, Belgium , Austria, Italy. It is fact that in these countries German language is taught as one subject in school. In these countries German is also official language. So, Learning this language increases chance of your Mobility in these countries. You can move in and outside these countries. The countries like Germany and Switzerland are regarded as top travel destinations in the whole world. There are lot of Employment prospects in these countries also, if one want to locate in these countries. So, We at Think German based in Ranjit avenue Amritsar offers Best German language courses according to your needs and specific requirements. We have a privilege to entertain students for Best German classes not only from Amritsar, Batala, tarn taran but also from far off regions like Jammu, Srinagar, Himachal and Haryana.

You may find that from the name of website Think Germany, we want to invite people to take a thought on Germany, German language , German culture , German Living Conditions. We all know that Germany is the one of the most powerful economy in Europe and the world. It is fact that the bigger the economy, bigger the employment prospects in that country. Best Part is that these countries are not dependent upon their native countrymen but also invite people from other countries. Germany has the most liberal immigration policies. Country has provided lot of asylum to people from Libya, Afghanistan , Syria. The country has given tremendous support to these people in providing them accommodation, food, education and are helping them learning German language and also providing various job opportunities. Germany has a very hospitable attitude for the students who want to study in German taught programmes. One most important thing is to learn German language and you can access to the free education in Germany. German as we all know is one of the popular language among all foreign language. According to research conducted by German Government approximately 22 million people in the world speak and write in German language. German language is widely studied in India, Pakistan, China, Japan and in USA. More than 6 million people in the world , speak and write in German language in USA. When we talk about Indian sub continent German is one of the favorite languages to be learned and studied. German free education is becoming very popular in India these days and lot of student are looking for future abroad in Germany. Germany job search visa is also high in demand among IT professionals, Automobile Engineers, Doctors, nurses and they are going for better future in Germany. There is shortage of these profession based people in Germany. Learning German language can take you to the finest universities of the world, where you can access free education. We all know that being a student abroad , the first important thing is financing the studies. In most of the public universities in Germany, there is hardly any tution fees. German language is highly in demand in tourism and hospitality sector. Knowledge of the language is required to assist the tourists coming from German speaking countries. India has huge cooperation with the German multinational companies Like Bosch, Adidas, Allianz, and professionals from these companies do visit India on their official business trips and get stay in top hotel chains of India, where they can interact with staff equipped with knowledge of German Language. Aviation Institutes make them learn German language to the students who wish to place in German aviation companies like Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Air Hamburg. So, knowing of German language can open options for everyone. No matter , what is your reason to learn German language with will offer you the best german language classes in Amritsar, batala , tarn taran, and other regions of Punjab.

German language courses

A1 first basic level
A2 second basic level
B1 first independent level
B2 second independent level
C1 first level of proficiency
C2 sceond level of proficiency

Information about german courses

  • We also provide individual german language classes for students, doctors , engineers who wish to move germany in near future,
  • We provide the fastest german language courses in Amritsar, jalandhar & Ludhiana thinkgermany campuses.
  • We have flexible timings for students and professionals.
  • We help in providing accomodation for students coming from distant areas.


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