Why Study in Germany

The German Education system

Germany is known for its best education system in the world. The major German universities like TUM; Technical University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin, Heidelberg University are world famous. The universities are large and have nearly 12000 courses. It means one can easily find one's course here as there is thehost of options. A student can pursue Bachelors in Arts, Music Business Management, a degree in Architecture, Media studies and several others. Therefore, German universities are always flocked with international students.

Moreover, the education in Germany is more qualitative and practice-oriented. There arenumbers of workshops, museums visits, city tours and practical experiments throughout the course. The curricula are planned in a way that it prepares students for a global career.

Do you know about Ausbildung? It is a vocational training combined with learning that lasts for 3 years. The students are made to learn the theory for some days of a week in school and for other days they are told to work in a company where they are hired for Ausbildung. Moreover, some companies also pay students while they are making Ausbildung or apprenticeship. Thus, one can learn and earn at the same time.

Considering the case of India, it can be stated that Indian students have chosen Germany as a study destination over theUK and the US. The unwelcoming nature of UK for Indian students and the reported cases of racial discrimination in countries like Australia has acted as a catalyst in taking the conscious decision . Moreover, since 2015,when Indian Prime Minister Mr.Modi has visited Germany and met Ms. Merkel it has cemented the relationship of both countries. The growth of Indian students in Germany is skyrocketed. From5998 in the year 2011, it has remarkably increased to 13740 in 2016.

Furthermore, DAAD German Academic Exchange System with its regional office in New Delhi has guided and familiarized students with their mobility and excellent funding schemes, with variable career options and with an extensive list of relevant courses for studying abroad.

Cost of studies

When it comes to the cost incurred in studying abroad, than Germany has no comparison. The country provides even to international students a privilege of earning a world recognized degree for which they have to pay nothing at all. For instance, in countries like UK, USA , India, New Zealand, Canada and Australia one needs to empty one's pocket to gain an education.

The cost of studies for instance in Canada for international students is approximately 18000 dollars per year which are really high. Australia, one of the most popular destinations for education is, unfortunately, the most expensive one .In America gaining the Master's degree means to spendone'ssaving and funds entirely on studies. The condition is not that hopeful in India as well. Even by paying a large amount of fees students have to compromise on the standard and the quality of education. In contrast to it, there are no tuition fees at all in Germany. One does not need to pay anything at all except 300 Euros which is simply a semester contribution.

However, in order to gain entry into college or university one must know the German language, except if a student registers him or her for an international degree.

Student Benefits

One of the hardest thingsabout staying abroad is to manage expenses. However, being a student in Germany is a boon in itself. The Students ,as mentioned above do not need to pay any tuition fee at all. Additionally, there are several other benefits. Being a student one is entitled to receive a transport ticket which is called semester ticket. With this ticket, they are allowed to travel within the radius of 50kms without paying a single penny. This ticket is valid for 6 months and includes anunlimited number of Hop on n Hop off. Whereas on the other hand, a person without semester ticket has to pay nearly90 Euros to 150 Euros per month solely for travel.

Secondly, the entry in many museums, art galleries, some exhibitions, and theaters is free of cost. Germany is full of various interesting museums and is considered as great source information for students.

Another advantage includes free access to the city library. A city Hall allows students to read and issue books without any cost with help of their student's card.

Even in the language class, if a student is interested in learning German or any other foreign language at the university during semester break or at any private institute ; he or she receives a substantial amount of students discounts.

What more, some restaurants even offer a meal and drinks for free to students with their student card!

The Job opportunities: The Highly Skilled Migrants.

Germany as already talked about has the strong economic roots. It is overflowing with the opportunities for talented people who have language skills. The prospect of finding a job in sectors like IT, Telecommunication, Healthcare, R n D sectors and in leading multinational firms is immense. The German immigration policies allow Multinational companies to recruit highly skilled migrants outside the European Union without much ado. It furthermore ensures that the process of attaining visa may become hassle-free.

There is a considerable shortage of Highly skilled migrants in Germany. To maintain the status of the robust economy the country every year invites the applicants from other lands to settle in their country and in return contribute to their economic growth. Therefore, to attract the highlytrained workers from abroad the government has provided the migrants with the benefits of the EU Bluecard.

The EU Bluecard holders are allowed to work anywhere in Europe. They are given the rights to free education, social insurance,and several others like the local German citizens.Furthermore, a person with EU Blue card can apply for permanent citizen just working in that country for 21 months. However, there is a catch in it. One can apply for residency permit only if the language knowledge till B1 is achieved. Thus, the learning a language facilitates in attaining residency permits in a short span of time.

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