Study free MBBS / MD in Germany

Germany provides worlds finest medical and research facilities. It offers best medical studies to students. The standard of german medical universities and colleges is very high. If we compare average german medical college infrastructure we can find it like AIIMS of india. In Germany every medical university has its clinics and hospitals. These universities offer worlds best medical technology and medical equipment.

Excellent features of german medical program

  • Germany offers very nominal fees or no tution fees for overseas medical students.
  • Total time for MD is 6.5 years , which include 5 years studies and 1 year internship programme.
  • One can easily earn between euro 40k- 60k in internship , which is the best in the world.
  • Students can stay for 1.6 years after their degree , and they can earn euro 45k-60k per annum.
  • Students can apply for PR after working for 3-5 years.
  • It is recogniszed by UNO, WHO,ECTS,FAIMER.
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