Living in Germany

The work for students

There is also the host of opportunities for people who work while studying. For instance, in Germany, there is anabundance of supermarkets like Aldi ,Lidl, DM, Action, Edeka, and Penny. These supermarkets constantly look out for students who are willing to work as Cashiers, Store helpers, Store Managers, Associates, Customer care representatives so on and in return, they are paid lucratively .A person can choose to work here either on the part-time or full-time basis.However ,even here the language proficiency is amust.

Do you know these supermarkets are packed with local people? The only language that works here is German. The selling products are named in German. The offers and discounts are advertised in German and the customers solely interact in German. Therefore, to work obtain here the knowledge of the language is mandatory.

If one cannot find work here due to lack of German language skills the best place to practice the language and earn at the same time are Indian supermarkets. In every city in Germany due to increasing numbers of Indians expat, there are at least two or three Indian stores. Indians, Pakistani and Bangladeshi people have migrated in large number to Germany and most of them run the supermarkets where Indians products are sold. The owners of these stores mostly look out for people who speak Hindi and the German to some extent.

Moreover, Germany has gained a higher profile as a travel destination. Various cities like Berlin, Nuremberg, Cologne, region of Black forest and Neuschwanstein castle are world famous. Every year's several tourists visit these places. Therefore, the hotels,restaurants, travel and tour companies are in high demand of people who are willing to work as Helpers, Waiters, as Cook, Receptionists Restaurant manager, Food and Beverages Head and so on. But nothing avails until the language skills are mastered.

6 The Minimum wage Rate:

Unlike India and several other Nations, there is a legally binding wage rate in Germany. It means that in Germany government ensures that employer must pay the standard wage to its employee. The German government in 2013 has made a decision for a considerable rise in payroll from 6 Euros per hour to 8.50 Euros per hour. Therefore, the work that people do in Germany is really appreciated.

Do you know the most benefitted people out of this rule are Taxi Drivers? The drivers receive the standard wage of 14 Euro per hour alongwith 563 Euros as a salary bonus. However, this salary tends to increase with the passage of time. As one learns to communicate in German with perfection and knows thoroughly about the city and its people the chances to earn more tend to increase.

In supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl employees are paid aminimum amount of 12 Euros per hour. Moreover, people working in restaurants, salons, flower shops, Bakeries are also benefitted from minimum wage rate. It helps in increasing their standard of living.

Various students who take up the job of Au Pair or a Babysitter they also charge minimum 9 Euros per hour. There is also a category of job called Dog watcher. The students are other people are demanded by various families to take care of their dogs in their absence and in turn, they are willing to pay a good amount of money to the person hired. These jobs are often advertised on Facebook and on E Bay. Thus, many students apart from working for 20 hours per week, a rule set bythegovernment for the students to work; also take up these jobs in order to make an additional amount of money.

7 Family Benefits

Life in Germany can offer expatriate many advantages. Parents in Germany are entitled to receive a Kindergeld from the government. Kinder geld is a monthly allowance and is paid to parents to maintain the expenses of their child until they reach the age of 18. It amounts to

  • 190Euros for the first and Second child.
  • 196 Euros for a third child.
  • 221 Euros for a fourth child.

Additionally, there is also a parental benefit. The parents who live and work in Germany are eligible for Elterngeld. The Elterngeld is provided to parents who leave their job in order to take care of their children. It amounts from 300 Euros to 1800 Euros per month depending upon their job type. If in case the parents for some reason losses his or her job he or she can also claim an unemployment benefit that is to say some amount of money for thespecific period of time.

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