Study free Automobile Engineering in Germany

Automotive or automobile engineering is a branch of engineering which works very closely with electrical, mechanical, chemical, electronics, IT engineering. It deals with designing of vehicles like cars , motor cycles , tractors , trucks. Automotive industry of germany has earned lot of fame worldwide because of it world best technologies employed in cars . the famous brands, like Mercedes, volkswagon, BMW, all comes from germany. This country has produced world famous automomative engineers like rudollff diesel, Daimler Chrysler, etc. Germany has been one of the biggest exporter of vehicles technology, equipments, parts to all over the world. For this reason, students having degree of automotive engineering from germany can have a very bright future. So, this industry is regarded as one of the largest employer in germany. Germany offers best scope for students graduating in this field. Germany in world best known for automobile technology and production. Famous brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Volkswagon come from germany. The universities have lot of cooperation with these industries for future placements and practical training.

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